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  • Salmon Syndrome

    (traduction Google en anglais du "Syndrome du Saumon")

    What would you do if, your spouse had remained a stranger to you for many years?
    An unknown person who comes and goes only in due time but who has secrets in reserve by obligation.
    It's kind of what happened to Clara with her husband, John.
    Clara is of Mexican origin and is what is called the wife of a single man.
    If there have been attempts made by some men to reconcile them, they have all rejected them and never counted for her.
    John, on the other hand, is the republican American, pure stock.
    As for Carla, politically she was a democrat to the tip of her nails.
    In a country as immense as the United States, being on the move for its business, is not abnormal. Mobility is not a question, it is almost an obligation.
    Their 20-year-old son, Stephen, still single, was in training at a military base at the other end of the United States.
    To complete the family, the dog, Cowboy, keeps company with Clara.
    From Florida, the European imagines Miami, with the memory of soap operas "Miami vice", "Experts" designed to attract the tourist.
    The Villa Vizcaya, Italian Renaissance style, brings to life the memories Al Capone and Gatsby.
    There is no question of forgetting the word "dollar" in the infinitive plural, walking along the canals and islets of Fort Lauderdale, known as the "Venice of America", under the insistent indications of a guide. Of pensioners in which it is not uncommon to see "young-old" serving in drinking places, to round off the end of difficult months.
    By taking a step back and summarizing, Florida is a large amusement park organized for "entertainment". She bears the palm of the Luna Parks.
    The state also deserves to be featured in the Guiness Book by mixing dreams and reality, science and fiction.
    At Disney World, one passes blithely from the castle of the Sleeping Beauty to the haunted house where "You are the host of the gost" is more than a maxim.
    Right next door, Epcot combines the past and the future with the present.
    Seaquarium and Marineland share their shows for dolphins and orcs by forgetting their captivity to the tourist.
    Cap Kennedy, at Cape Canaveral, makes dream by the remains of the rockets and shuttles to the conquest of the space while keeping in center, a workshop for spaceships that exceeds in dimension, the pyramid of Cheops.
    In bad sensations, then, it is the Seminole Indians who, in the Everglades, cure the tourist by playing with an alligator in whose jaws they place their heads to make them pale with emotions.
    Gibsonton, the unusual city that brings rest to the circus people and characters of "freak shows", "beasts of fair". This since the 1940s, during which it was not surprising to see an elephant in a garden. Become "Show Town" or "Gibtown".
    "Bush Gardens" has nothing to envy from amusement parks like Pairi Daiza, Walibi & Co.
    Without a very distant past, the Americans do everything to make it revive Saint Augustine with all the old stuff of the conquest of the West in a museum of wax, sometimes in the open, trying to imitate the reality of the characters but who However, would look pale opposite the Musée Grévin in Paris.
    Everything is commercially operated in Florida.
    To get out of the crowd, tired perhaps, the tourist finds nature and its sweetness to live on the Silver Spring by sailing on boats with plexiglas flat bottom in search of the manatees. Water-skiing shows on the lakes of Cypress Garden ...
    On the production side, oranges and grapefruit are the breasts of Florida, while Tampa cigars are trying to make pale those produced in Cuba.
    In general, this tour if it does not push to return the tourist in childhood during his holidays, it is that it is not normal.
    35 years ago, I discovered and toured Florida as a short culotted tourist, in this state show that produces series in series.
    "Sex, sand, sun and sin".
    Crossing point, cocaine yields more than tourism.
    I do not think that has changed.
    The American Naples, where this story begins, is a version on "Gulf of Mexico".
    Nothing to do with the Italian city with its Vesuvius in the background.
    No resemblance, except the warm climate, but here is only more humid, more tropical at 26 ° north latitude and 40 ° for Italian Naples.
    The character of Naples summary would be in the words romantic, chic, elegant, privileged and good-natured. Words found in Old Naples in the heart of Third St South.
    In Florida, if one has the age of its arteries, it was mainly based on its magot.
    In February 2016, we are at the beginning of the electoral campaign for the inauguration of a new president in a country that pushed capitalism to its climax, until it bites its fingers in 2008.
    Clara learns of the death of her husband John.
    She knows a vacuum that she wants to fill by looking for answers to the questions she had never asked herself.
    To know John, to meet him, if need be, posthumously and accelerated.
    For you, readers, it will be a soap opera that I will publish at a rate of two chapters per fortnight.
    As Musso said in his latest book "The Brooklyn Girl" podcast, a novel is like the Tour de France, we know the beginning, we know that there will be someone on the podium in Paris, Knows the different stages, but we do not know what will happen inside each of them.
    Good reading and good imagination.

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